The internet is plagued with New Year’s resolutions right now. All of a similar vein, loose weight, give up alcohol or smoking, travel more, new job etc etc. You’ve heard them all before. My resolutions are simple, complete my resolutions from the last five years! Creating this website being one of them.

I’ve never been great at releasing my own personal projects. I’m my own worst critic and a perfectionist. But this time I’ve decided to employ the techniques and processes we use everyday at globaldev, lean design techniques, where we ship often and iterate. Learning as you go.

Starting with the basics, this post and very little else. Next, I’m going to bring in some social feeds which give you a taste of my personality, my likes and dislikes and what I’m up to. Then comes the real meat of this website, my work. I’ve had the pleasure to work in various roles over the years. Spanning Ruby and JavaScript development, to design and UX. All leading me to my role at globaldev as Head of UX. I now need to figure out how to present some of this experience… concisely.

But that will come. Keep an eye out for updates on my twitter page.